An Interview with a Paleo Groupy
  1. Do you live off of the highway? Yes, we live 27 miles off of the highway. There is gravel here and
    there and when the rain comes the mud tends to 'swell'..Always a good idea to call the night before for a
    'road' check.
  2. Do we get to keep the dinosaur bones we find? To an extent yes. The Paleo Park
    Management reserves the right to keep any items that a guest might find. At our micro site where we go to
    prospect there is lots and lots of scales, teeth, bones etc. We like to say that we allow each guest to take a
    few bones of our choice. Any other bones that we find we house in our lodge for future and returning
    guests to see.
  3. What are your hours of operation? We don't have set hours of operation. Our tours are
    reservation only. It is highly recommended to email for a tour. We would hate for you to travel all this way
    and no one be available for a tour.
  4. I know a lot about dinosaurs and prospecting, can I just go out on my own to
    prospect? No, we don't allow guests to go out and prospect without a guide. We need to make sure
    our guests are on our land and not venturing on others land.
  5. Do you allow campers or an RV? No, unfortunately we do not have the hook up capabilities for
    campers and the trek in on the road from the highway is sometimes not RV friendly.
  6. Will we really find a dinosaur bone? YES!!! Most definitely you will find a fossil of some type.
  7. Should I bring my own shovel or pick? No, where we go to prospect all of the fossils are on the
    surface. The most important thing you can bring is a good eye!
  8. Why do you call some things I find Leaverites? The term comes from a long time ago. It
    stands for "Leave 'er right there" as it is just a rock or iron ball.
  9. You tell people to determine if my find is a rock or bone stick to your tongue,
    why?? Ahh that is a question you only know the answer to, if you come on the tour..seriously..we can't
    answer everything here.
  10. How old do kids need to be to come on the tour? This depends purely on the kiddo. The
    tour consists of two hours out in the midst of a wild Wyoming pasture.
  11. What should I bring on our tour? There are essential items to bring on a tour.
  1. Sun block
  2. Bug spray
  3. Plenty of water
  4. Camera
  5. Hat
  6. Pants/jeans are usually a best bet
  7. Hiking shoes
  1. Do you go over the history of the ranch on the tour? If there is one thing we like to talk
    about it would be the ranch. You will be amazed and awed on the history of how the land and family
    became to be.
  2. Are there other things to see on the tour? There is always something to see. Since the ranch
    dates back to late 1800's there is plenty of see. Old homesteads, rock monuments and hand dug water
    wells just to name a few.